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    R7 Dental chair with operating unit, built for extreme patients and dentists comfort.

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    One unit, 3 different versions.
    The dentist’s element is available with Over-the-Patient version, Cart version and Chair-Side version.

    Dentist Element

    Self-explanatory control panel

    No unnecessary control buttons or complicated menus. The control panel shows only those functions that you need at any given time. The symbols are self-explanatory and dedicated keys are assigned to the functions that you use most frequently. In other words, you can navigate at a single glance without having to interrupt your accustomed treatment routines.

    Preset Chair Position Key

    Spit-Out Positon Key

    Press this key, move the patient chair to the position where patient can spit out easily , LED operating light is shut down, flushing function is opened. When touch again, the patient chair will back to previours working position, LED operating light is opened, flushing function is closed.

    Entry/Exit Position Key

    Touch this key,the patient chair moves up to the lowest position, the backrest moves to an upright position, easy for patient entry or exit the dental chair.

    Shock Position Key

    Press this key, the patient chair immediately moves up to highest position, and the backrest rotates backward to more then -5°.

    Clean Position Key

    Touch this key, the patient chair immediately moves to a position suitable for cleaning. The patient chair moves up to the hightest position, the backrest moves to an upright position, the operating light is shut down, the flushing function is opened.

    Other Wonderful Design

    For the Chair-Side and Cart version, you can adjust the dentist element 's height from 77cm to 97cm, and the element's tray can bear the weight up to 50KG.

    Rotable instrument holder bar,Easy to adjust the position to facilitate the doctor to take the instrument.

    Get a clear view of your X-Ray Film.

    Time Reminder When you do a time-sensitive treatment, you can set a time to remind you, such as anesthesia,whitening,or curing treatment.
    Display the treatment center's working air pressure or water temperature.

    Assistant element
    LED Operating Light

    Three-axis, provides unlimited positioning.
    Flexible light intensity settings.
    Auto On/Off function: Turns the dental light on/off automatically when the chair reaches a special position.
    You can aslo control the dental light on/off using the control panel or foot control.

    Clear Intraoral Images

    Optional: integration of an intra-oral camera adds a new dimension to patient communication.


    Dynamic Design Upholstery

    The comfortable microfiber leather upholstery provides exceptional patient comfort. The soft and dynamic design surface increases comfort, shows style and allows for a relaxed treatment atmosphere merely through its appearance and texture.
    Thin backrest for ideal freedom of leg movement, flexible positioning of the foot control.

    Quick Release Articulating Headrest

    Your can sdjust the articulating headrest easily with one hand by depressing the Quick Release Button and situating the headrest in the desired position. Release the button to lock headrest into place.

    Comfortable Patient Positioning

    Quick adjustment: Only 9 seconds for backrest to move from the lowest position to the highest position.
    Synchronized movement of seat and backrest, which keeps the patient from having to readjust when the chair is lowered or raised.

    Other Wonderful Design

    Warm water supply

    Warm water is avaible for all intrument hose as well as the tumbler filling.

    Swiveled Armrest

    Right armrest can be swiveled aside.

    Air Vacuum muffling System

    If you choose your dental treatment center to connect with a oil free air compressor, then a silencer will be installed in the suction part, supply you with a more quiet working environment.

    Lower Minimum Height

    40cm lower minimum height make it easier for children and disableds to enter or exit the patient chair and enables positioning flexibility for practitioners of any stature.


    Detachable Hygiene-critical Compoments

    The hygiene-critical components can be detached for the purpose of cleaning/thermal disinfection and sterilization. The smooth surfaces are easy to clean on a daily basis.



    Top Brand Component

    All the main components using inside Mr.Right dental chair are from world's famous brand name, which insure Mr.Right dental chair super high quality, reliable for years.

    Taiwan low noise motor, gurantee for 5 years.

    American Dupont membrane valve

    Germany Bayer silicone handpiece tubing.

    Hydrolysis resistance and ageing resistance PU pipes.

    Strong and Stable Chair Frame

    All frame compoinents get through special rust proofed treatment for long time usage,all the moving parts are connected by oil seal bearings for silence and stale chair movement. Weight capacity up to 300kg.

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    Mr. Cristian Ilie From United States
    Q: Please, send the power of those chairs for 110V- 120V (needs to be something in Watts)
    Answers (1)
    Mr.Right Dental
    Power is for 350W.
    Mr. Cristian Ilie From United States
    Q: Please, send the power of those chairs for 110V- 120V (needs to be something in Watts)
    Answers (1)
    Mr.Right Dental
    Power is for 350W.