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Style & Comfort
Add a sense of cosiness to your dental practice!

Mr.Right dental unit offers the features you want, the reliability you need, and the comfort your patients deserve for significantly less money .

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Catch Your Mr.right Dental Chair, Save Money.

Mr.right Dental Chair FDA approved

During almost ten years of doing business with dentists, we hear more and more dentists complain that they need quality dental units but yet affordable price. Big brands in the market are so expensive, and even a refurbished dental unit will cost them around USD 15000-20000.

That is why we are here. Ten years experience in the dental industry makes us know exactly what dentists needs are. So today, we have set up the brand “Mr.Right”, aim to provide the quality dental unit at an affordable price.

Why “Mr.Right”? Mr.Right is the correct one who people are looking for in their life, might not be the richest or most handsome, but must be the most suitable one. Our dental unit, “Mr.Right” Maybe not the most high class one on the market, but must meet all the dentist’s needs and is affordable.

We invite you to lower your clinic set-up cost by purchasing your “Mr.Right”, experience the High Quality, Fair Priced, Value-Add Solutions which Mr.Right brings you.

Catch Your “Mr.Right”, Save Money today!

Four key focus

Imagine your dream workspace.
As the flagship of your practice, we understand that the dental chair with the operating unit plays a key rode in your daily practice routine, so from the first beginning, we focus on Ergonomics, Hygiene, Safety and Quality to build the dental chair for you!

R7+ 1

Ergonomic Design for Better Workflows

Only if you can work efficiently and ergonomically your patients will benefit from the full range of your professional abilities. Mr.Right dental chair designs all that for you.
·Dynamic design upholstery
·Comfortable patient positioning
·Time Reminder
·Quick Release Articulating Headrest
·A lot more…

dental chair 2

Meet Your Infection Prevention Needs

Smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces, easily removable functional components, and built-in disinfection system-Everything is geared to maximum infection control in minimum time.
·Detachable hygiene-critical compoments
·Bottle Water System
·Preset Clean Poistion
·A lot more…

Safety Made Simple

Safety is the top priority and Mr.Right dental chair make it simple. All is at hand when an incident happens.
·Interlock System
·Safety Key
·Shock Position
·Chair back and base stop switch
·A lot more…

R1 Dental Chair

Top Brand Component

All the main components using inside Mr.right dental chair are from world’s famous brand name, which insure Mr.Right’s super high quality, reliable for years.
•Taiwan low noise motor
•Metal instrument tray
•American membrane valve
•Stainless steel foot pedal tubing
•A lot more…

after-sales service
Worry about the after-sales service?
We aim to offer fantastic value for your money and prompt, reliable service. If you need any service like taking measurements in your office, installing the chair, maintaining the chair or needing the on-site support, you can contact with our Designated After-sale Service Partners for a quote directly.

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Worry about the product quality?
Talk to a dentist who bought Mr.Right dental chair before.If you still hesitate, you can talk to the ones who are in your location and have bought dental chairs from us before. We keep a good relationship with our dentist friends because of our great service. And we are sure you will be one of them soon!

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