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Hi, thank you for stopping by! We are Mr.right dental chair–a dental chair solution company. We believe that every dentist deserves to have the dental clinic of their dreams. That’s why we’re here – to help you build your dream dental clinic at an affordable price. Click here to see how.

Above all, we believe in bringing value to every single one of you by providing exceptional products, resources, and customer service.


Our Story

Our Story

Our Story

During almost ten years of doing business with dentists, we hear more and more dentists complain that they need quality dental units but yet affordable price. Big brands in the market are so expensive, and even a refurbished dental chair will cost them around USD 15000-20000.

That is why we are here. Ten years experience in the dental industry makes us know exactly what dentists needs are. So today, we have set up the brand “Mr.Right,” aim to provide the quality dental chair at an affordable price.

Why Mr.Right?

As the name goes, Mr.Right is the correct one who people are looking for in their life, might not be the richest or most handsome, but must be the most suitable one. That’s actually how we came up with our name – Mr.Right Dental Chair. “Mr.Right” maybe not the most high class one in the market, but must meet all the dentist’s needs and is affordable.

We invite you to lower your clinic set-up cost by purchasing your “Mr.Right”, experience the High Quality, Fair Priced, Value-Add Solutions which Mr.Right brings you.

Catch Your “Mr.Right”, Save Money today!

Why Choose Mr.Right Dental Chair

Why are we here? To deliver value. To save your
money. To help you start up your dental business
with low cost.

The Mr.Right Denal Chair Team

We love our customers

We love our customers

We started Mr.right dental chairbecause we believe that every dentist deserves the chance to build up their own dental clinic, maybe not the most high class one on the market, but must be the right one to meet all the needs and let their dental business machine get start.That’s actually how we came up with our name.
–Mr.RightDental Chair

Throughout the years, we listen to the dental professionals, and it’s the love, feedback and responses that truly confirm that what we’re doing is working.

Nothing makes us happier than when we hear from dentists about their great experiences with our dental chairs. Thank you for supporting us, and most importantly, choosing Mr.right Dental Chair. As we look to the future and many years ahead, know with confidence that we will always be dedicated to providing you the most right dental chair to enhance your dental business.

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