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We are a direct-to-consumer dental chair company,which allows us to always offer the affordable dental chair to dentist without sacrificing the quality.

We know you need more, good price, good products, good service… We are working hard on the way. Below are some of our local partners to service our local dentists:

PartnersLocationProducts Display(FREE)Delivery(From your local seaport to your office) (ON CHARGES)Installation (ON CHARGES)Maintenance (ON CHARGES)
Mississauga, ON l5A 2W8, Canada
Alvarado, TX 76009, United States
 Dr. Hanns Müller
Portugal and Spain

 Q  Can I buy directly from your local partner? Is the price same?
 A   Sure, you can buy directly from our local partner, the factory price which we display on our website will be same. If you want our local dealer to handle all the shipping part (from our China factory to your office) and do installation, do maintenance in your office, that you need to pay the additional fee to our local partner. All this additional fee, you can get the quote from us or from our local partner.

 Q  I want to buy the chair directly from you and handle all the other things by myself, but can I check the chair in your local partner’s office first?
 A   Yes, sure. We welcome you to check our chair anytime in your location. We will make an appointment with our local partner for your visit.

 Q  Can I buy dental chairs from you but buy the service from your local partners?
 A   Yes, you can. But since that will be your name on the shipping bill, so you need to handle the customs and pay the customs fee by yourself. After that, you can buy other service from our local partner, such as: ship the chair from seaport to your office and install the chair in your office.

 Q  How much for the local service?
 A   It varies. For example, if you are located at Ontario,Canada, the delivery fee from Toronto seaport to your office, plus installation fee is $500. You can contact us or our local partner about this fee first before you make a purchase decision.

 Q  How about the warranty? Is it same if I buy directly from you or I buy from your local partner?
 A   Our Mr.Right dental chair has two years warranty. If you buy from us, we can offer you remote support by phone or by FaceTime, for any spare parts needed, we will ship to you by express for free; If you buy from our local partner, you need to pay a little bit for the in-office service, and all spare parts needed will be free.

We are still working on developing more and more local partners all over the world, welcome to join us :)

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Mr.Right dental chair in different dental practice all over the world

Mr.Right dental chair R5 in Dr. Hanns Müller’s dental practice, Tiefenbronn, Germany.


Book an appointment to check the dental chair in Tiefenbronn Germany

Mr.Right dental chair R5 in Dr. Latif Alsom’s dental practice, Mississauga, Canada.


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Mr.Right dental chair R1 in Michael Gideon service, Alvarado, TX 76009, United States.


Book an appointment to check the dental chair in Alvarado, TX 76009, United States