Colour sheet (PU)

Colour sheet (PU)

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We do best to improve our products day by day. So sometimes the product photos displayed here may not catch up the speed of our improvement. If you find some inconsistency between the image and the actual product, the actual product shall govern. Our products are subject to improve without prior notice.

Additional information

Weight0.08 kg
Dimensions0.14 × 0.065 × 0.015 m
With proper maintenance and service, Mr.right products are designed for a defined “Service Life”* under normal use (based on approximately 50 patients per week):
Product CategoryService Life (years)
All Mr.right Dental Chairs, Operator and Assistant Stools, Dental Lights, Delivery Systems, Support Systems, Monitor Mounts, Dental Furniture, and related components except components listed separately below8
Heated Syringes3
Control Modules2
The actual service life of Mr.right products can be influenced by factors such as environment, extent of use, cleaning and maintenance frequency, and preventive maintenance frequency. At the end of the Service Life, all products should be inspected by a trained service technician prior to continued use and inspected at appropriate intervals thereafter.* Service Life is the expected functional use limit and is based on product design goals. Service Life does not include normal service “wear and tear” components and is separate from the warranty period; there are no implied or explicit extensions of the warranty period (for more details, see “Warranty” ). Service part availability may vary.



Mr.right warrants all goods listed below against defects in material or workmanship under normal intended use when purchased from Mr.right or an authorized Mr.right dealer. Mr.right’s sole obligation under the warranty is to provide parts for the repair, or replacement of any defective component with one that is equivalent to the original in performance. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties or obligations express or implied. Mr.right expressly disclaims all implied warranties of merchant ability or fitness for a particular purpose. In no event will Mr.right be liable for indirect, special, incidental, exemplary, or consequential damages of any kind.The repair or replacement of components is contingent upon Mr.right’s styles and color options available at the time of the warranty claim. If a warranty claim is filed after a product or color has been discontinued, Mr.right reserves the right to honor the warranty in one of the following ways:
  1. Replace the affected component with a new component in the same style and/or color.
  2. Replace the affected component, and other product components in the operatorwith a product style and/or color similar to the originally purchased style and/or color.
The buyer shall have no other remedy. The warranties set forth herein provide specific legal rights. Additional rights may exist, based on the jurisdiction of purchase and use of the product to the extent that those rights apply to this agreement. Warranty exclusions are identified in the following sections. Written notice of product failure must be given to Mr.right within the warranty period.


The warranty period, measured from the date of delivery, shall be as follows:
Electric Dental Chair Motor(tilt and lift)5 years
Dental Chair Frame5 years
Operator and Assistant Stools, Dental Lights, Delivery Systems, Monitor Mounts, Dental Furniture, and related components2 years


The warranty does not cover:
  1. Damage resulting from improper installation or maintenance, accident, misuse, abuse, neglect, alterations, freight damage, or natural disaster.
  2. Damage resulting from the use of chemicals and process forcleaning, disinfecting, or sterilization.
  3. Normal service items such as (but not limited to): light shields, light bulbs, filters, O-rings, handpiece tubing, and water cartridges. Also, normal wear and tear is not covered.
  4. Consumable products held beyond the expiration date shown on thepackaging.
  5. All other products, not manufactured by Mr.right, including OEM, follow the original manufacturer’s warranty, and are not covered by Mr.right’s warranty. Examples include, but not limited to: sterilizers, maintenance equipment, cameras, curing lights, ultrasonic, control modules, electric motors, attachments, handpieces, and turbines. Please contact Mr.right Customer Service for specific warranty information.
Failure to follow Mr.right Instructions for Use (operation and maintenance instructions) will void the warranty.