Buy a dental chair to save money secrets

Buy a dental chair to save money secrets

Hi, everyone. Are you going to buy a dental chair?
Thank you for stopping by! We are Mr.right dental chair–a dental chair solution company.

Ten years experience in the dental industry makes us know exactly what dentists need. So we have set up the brand “Mr.Right”, aims to provide the quality dental chair at an affordable price.

We have built up an online store “” to help you buy the dental chair for your clinic without leaving home. Save your money, save your time.

Let’s see how it work? 

Click on the video to quickly browse

Step 1: Visit our site “, choose the dental chairs and options you like. There are 4 versions for each chair model. You can choose the Over-the-Patient version, With Up Mounted Instrument Tray version, Cart Version or Chair-Side Version. Three Suction Systems for your choice, which are Normal Suction System Design,  Central Suction System Without Place Selection Value Design and Central Suction System include Place Selection Value Design. External Floor Box and Build-in Floor Box both are available. 
If you are not sure which options suit your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to help. 

Step 2: Payment. We accept TT, CHECK(Inside U.S. only), Western Union, PAYPAL and credit card via stripe payment. Please confirm the payment details with us before making payment to ensure the safety of your funds. 

Step 3: Order process. Processing time takes about 3-7 working days. If that is not a standard order, processing time will be longer, we will inform you about that before you confirm your order. 

Step 4: Delivery.Usually, we ship the chair to you by sea, and the delivery time takes about 2-3 months(From China seaport to your seaport). If you need the chair urgently, you can choose the air shipping, the delivery time can be within one week. But you need to pay more shipping cost. Last time, we shipped one R1 dental chair to U.S. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, the customer paid $1500 for the air shipping, while to U.S. Dallas Seaport, just need to pay $430.
The shipping cost which we charge you on the PI is the cost from our factory to the destination port. You also need to pay insurance fees if you need. For order value under USD$20000, the insurance fees is USD$30.

When the chair arrives at the destination port, our shipping agent will inform you to do the clearance process. You can hire the agent to do it for you and the service fee is about USD$130 to $150. Of course, you can do it by yourself if you have the experience.
You also need to pay additional fees to the destination seaport or your clearance agent, which including seaport local charge, warehouse charge,custom duty, and delivery charge.

The seaport local charge is usually charged by the bill. In other words, your bill includes one set dental chair or three sets of dental chairs, the seaport local charge is the same. So why not buy a few more sets in one bill? we can save more money! Share the bill with your dentist friends’ order is a wonderful idea! 

The warehouse charge is not necessarily. Usually, the seaport warehouse will be free for 3-5 days. If you exceed this deadline, you will have to pay the extra cost.

The custom duty. It depends on your government how much they want to get from you for your import dental chair. The government usually charge custom duty based on products, values and duty rates. For example, one R1 dental chair to U.S. the custom duty is USD$ 65.42, charge on 2/11/2018.

The delivery charge it is the charge for your dental chair from seaport to your door. It is hard to say how much, It depends on how far your clinic is from the seaport and how many CBMS do you have in your order. Of course, you can drive yourself to take the dental chairs to your clinic to save this cost.

Now, let’s take an example. 
Dr. Jeam who from the U.S., bought 5 sets of R3 Over-the-Patient version dental chairs from Mr.Right Dental for his new dental clinic. Do you know how much the cost for each dental chair? USD $10000? USD $8000? NO!NO!NO! IT IS JUST USD$4733.756!  JUST USD$4733.756 for a High-Class dental chair! You don’t need to leave your door and just a click on our online store! Why not have a try? 
But if he just buys 1 set, the total price is USD$5733.05. USD$1000 DIFFERENCE. SO BUY MORE SETS SAVE MORE MONEY! 

Here is the cost comparison: 5 sets VS 1 set 

R3  dental chair
*Voltage:110V, 60Hz
*Plug: USA Plug
*Versions: Cart Version
*Hand Piece Connection: 4 Hole (3pcs)
*Central Suction System Without Place Selection Value
*Floor Box: Build-in Floor Box
*Chair Upholstery Colour: Royal Blue (C03, Ultra-leather )
USD$ 21400USD$4280
Our factory to the destination port shipping chargeUSD$590.4USD$428.08
Insurance ChargeUSD$35.31USD$30
Clearance Service ChargeUSD$136USD$136
ISF Charge(USA ONLY)USD$135USD$135
Seaport Local ChargeUSD$807.7USD$373.97
Warehouse Charge00
Custom DutyUSD$104.37USD$60
Delivery ChargeUSD$460USD$290
Total PRICE for each setUSD$4733.756USD$5733.05

As you can see, if you are inside U.S.,  buy 5 sets can save you almost USD$1000 for each dental chair! That is why I suggest you buy more sets in one order, if you don’t need that many sets at one time, it’s a great idea that combining your order with your dentist friends’ order, you can save more money!

Step 5: Installation and testing. At present, we have local partners to service our local dentists in United States, Canada, Spain, Portugal. You can hire them to install dental chairs for you. And the charge is reasonable. We are expanding our service network all over the world now, if in your location, still don’t have our service network, don’t worry, it will be there soon, when we have, will inform you at the first time.
At the same time, we welcome you to recommend your local dental service company to us, so that we can talk and cooperate with them. Thank you for your help in advance. 

Step 6: Two-year warranty.From the date of sale, you have two years for free dental chair accessories replacement and unlimited 1 to 1 remote video technical support. In the near future, our local service network will do the after-sale service in your office.

We know if you buy a dental chair from us will be a little bit more trouble than you buy directly from your local dealer, but if by this you can save thousands of dollars, why not do it?

If you still hesitate, you can talk to the ones who are in your location and have bought dental chairs from us before. We keep a good relationship with our dentist friends because of our great service. And we are sure you will be one of them soon!